The essential travel & hiking checklist

Forever forgetting that one essential piece of hiking gear? Well, now you never need to again! This checklist is a fully editable collection of all of the hiking bits and pieces you may need.

In 2019 I wrote a small tool for generating forms, and this is a snippet of that code used just for producing checklists. It runs on JSON, which can seem a little intimidating at first but it doesn't have to be! It is basically just a collection of titles and values wrapped in little braces and if you follow along with the examples given, I am sure you will quickly figure it out. If you just need a quick addition, you can also use the quick-add option, saving you from delving too deep into the more complex parts...

When you're done, you can either copy the JSON to somewhere on your PC to keep it safe or use the 'Save this list and get link' to keep a copy forever, right here on Love Our Adventures.

Prefer a physical list? When you're done just click 'Open print-friendly version' to get an easy to print copy of your list.

Work in progress

This is an ongoing development with a goal to make it as easy to use as possible to use and develop your essential checklists. Upcoming changes will hopefully focus on the ease of use, with the following being the highest priority changes:

  1. Maintain the entries by adding, updating and deleting entries without having to make changes to the raw JSON
  2. Easily sort the contents with a numbering system for priority, then hopefully extended with a click-and-drag system

If you have any suggestions of features you would like to see, or improvements you would like then just get in touch and we will see what we can do...

Example & Blank Lists

Below are some examples of lists you can use to get you started, including the blank option if you want to start from scratch. Note that clicking these buttons will overwrite your current progress.

Default will show two columns on desktop, and one column on mobile. When you're ready to print you may want to select a different number of columns.

Editing Tools

Here you can quickly add some custom items to a list, save a copy of your current list or create a new one! Lists use the JSON format for creation.

Remember if you wish to save your custom list to copy the below text into a file on your machine to keep it saved!