About Love Our Adventures

Welcome to Love Our Adventures, a travel website set up in 2018 by Dan and Rox to share some of our favourite places and talk about our travels. Our goal is to inspire you to get out there and see some of the beauty that is on offer, especially if you know where to look. Alongside this, we also aim to impart some of the tips we have picked up from our many adventures, hikes and mishaps to help make your journeys that little bit smoother. Furthermore, there will be plenty of travel stories coming up, where we recount some of our more interesting trips that, while probably riddled with speed bumps along the way, should hopefully provide you with a laugh or two.

Our primary goal has always been to focus on the positive aspects of the world around us while trying to offer either a nice piece of escapism for the reader or to inspire them to plan their next adventure!

What to Expect from Love Our Adventures...

The short version of Love Our Adventures is that it is a passion project to share some of our experiences as we have explored around during our years as a couple - there is no sponsored content and no coloured opinions, we are just sharing the places we love in hopes that it inspires others.

Love Our Adventures is primarily focused around the United Kingdom, with us generally gravitating towards national parks. Our first port of call for adventure will always be Northern Wales, especially Snowdonia with its many beautiful mountains, beaches and rivers - there is so much to explore and ramble around that we will always keep coming back to our home away from home.

As long time members of the National Trust, we love to take advantage of all of the perks that entail and then use these beautiful locations as jumping-off points to explore further. Expect many recounts of our favourite National Trust homes and gardens with a few tips of what you should do while you're visiting.

Just because we're primarily exploring the British Isles doesn't mean that International Travel is out of the question - we have put together a few trips already and have a few more in the planning stages! Intermingled with our exceedingly British offerings will be periodic trips to the continent and beyond, whenever our schedules will allow for it...

Ready to start reading? You can check out where we have been so far by heading over to our travels, dive deeper into our posts from the categories page and if you feel the urge for a chat go ahead and get in touch.

Who we are

Love Our Adventures is comprised of Dan and Rox, you can check out our mugshots, social media and a little about us below. We share a common love of hiking and travel that has already taken us to explore many parks, towns and cities around the United Kingdom and will only take us further as the years go by. Between our yearly city breaks to celebrate our anniversary, spending time up and down Welsh mountains and squeezing in the occasional international trip you will be hearing our views on all things travel for many years to come!

Our travels are generally inspired by a love of photography, a desire to road-trip and see the world or just the urge to take our dogs out into the great outdoors! But if nothing else, getting a dose of fresh air out in the country is enough of a reward in itself.

The Love Our Adventures team

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