Route Planner and GPX exporter

Welcome to the route planner! Your one-stop spot to mapping your next adventure. Take some time to plan your walking route, make a note of any interesting landmarks and when you are finished just hit the 'Export as GPX file' button to get your walk as an easy to use file format compatible with any GPS device - including your phones!

How does it work?

Scroll around the map by clicking and dragging, or use the target symbol in the top left to find your current location (you will need to give permission for this to work). Once you are ready to begin, just click on the map to add a point and click again to add the next point - simple! Keep going until you have mapped out your entire walk. If you wish to combine two walks into a single file, just click 'Create New Route' - you can switch between the currently active route at the bottom of the page.

If you want to make note of an interesting landmark rather than adding to the path you can switch using the 'create a landmark' button, this works exactly the same although it will ask you to name the landmark once you have clicked. Remember to switch back using the 'Edit Route' button if you wish to continue adding to your walk!

Made a mistake? Just right-click on PC or click the undo button at the top on mobile devices to remove your last action.

If you want to just have a browse without accidentally creating new route points or landmarks then you can disable editing - just don't forget to enable editing again when you are ready!

How do I save a copy?

When you are done, give your walk a name at the bottom and click 'Export as GPX file'. You should be prompted almost immediately with a download of your walk. Your GPX file works with various android and iOS applications, as well as Google Earth on desktops. There are plenty of resources for handling GPX files, and considering you are likely to be on the go these files will of course work with your dedicated GPS devices too.

Want to come back to it later? Once exported, you can re-import it! Just click 'Upload a GPX file', and upload your file - the page will let you pick up where you left off.

We're constantly improving!

Spotted a problem? Think of something that could make this better? Great! Contact us with your issue or suggestion and we will make it happen.

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