National Trust

The National Trust, founded in 1895 in order to promote the preservation of beautiful and historic places, has become a staple of our adventures and we have taken many an adventure in order to find some of the best places they have to offer. The great news is that, in their own way, every place is special and worth a bit of your time. The National Trust do a wonderful job of maintaining and preserving some of the best historical places from our nation's history, and I am grateful that I, and generations to come, will be able to enjoy them.

Post Banner - Dudmaston Comer Woods

Post Banner - Conwy Castle - a beautiful fortification on the riverfront

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Post Banner - Attingham Park - one spectacular building and some adorable residents


Post Banner - Wightwick Manor - a stunning Victorian manor house

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Post Banner - Three Quick Stops: Carneddau and Glyderau, Llyn Idwal and Llyn Ogwen

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