There is so much amazing history all around us that I would be missing an opportunity if I didn't give at least a taste of some of the wonders you can discover, quite possibly right on your doorstep. Even if history isn't your thing, I think everyone can appreciate the beauty in some of the old structures and stories they hold within - often they fall within beautiful surroundings with plenty around them to see and do. Who knows, maybe you will gain a newfound appreciation for all of the incredible history behind some of the best tourist attractions.

Post Banner - Ludlow town and castle

The rugged Scottish Highlands | Love Our World

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Post Banner - Dolbadarn Castle

Post Banner - Baddesley Clinton - the manor house with the moat


Post Banner - Dyfi Furnace - the Waterfall at Furnace

Post Banner - Beaumaris Castle

Post Banner - South Stack Lighthouse

Post Banner - Caernarfon Castle

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